# WhereToPost Knowledge-Base

The knowledge-base is a mix of a newsletter archive and updated guides to market your side-projects, startup and any other kind of projects. Here we can collect information to make marketing more actionable.

While reading the articles on this site, please keep in mind these used to be emails originally.

# Sponsors

The marketing tips on WhereToPost are supported by:

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# Background

This website keeps previously sent newsletters in a boiled down format as well as later added updates. Each newsletter has been tidied up and categorized to make it more accessible and easier to use.

As there are delays in adding and publishing newsletters on the knowledge base it is recommended to subscribe to the newsletter.

# Open Source

The knowledge website is open source to allow contributions. You can use the "Improve this Page" links at the bottom of the page to suggest updates, fixes, etc. VuePress, the tool to built this site, is licensed under MIT, the content on this website is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International.

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