# Owwly.com

Owwly Homepage

# Submit your Project to Owwly

After a one-click sign-up using social login you can head over to your profile:

Owwly Submit

Once you arrive on your profile, you are already halfway there:

Owwly Submit

Fill in the simple form and save it:

Owwly Submit

Done! That's it. Probably less than 5 minutes from sign-up to submission.

# Posting updates

You might want to add an update occasionally, to remind the Owwly users that your project is still there. This way you pop up on top of the News section on the homepage. Simply enter the two fields marked below and submit the post. Unfortunately, this doesn't allow for markdown or links at this point, but still worth it to drive attention to your project:

Owwly Post Updates

Once again, click on "Post" and you are done. Simple as that.

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