# StartupResources.io

StartupResources is a resource site and newsletter featuring various tools which come in handy when starting an online business or website. If your site fits into any of the 62(!) categories you've got a good chance of being included. To submit your project, start on the homepage:

Homepage of StartupResources.io

Click on the "Let's get started"-button to submit your project:

Getting Started on StartupResources.io

The form contains six simple steps asking for the required information:

  • Name,
  • Email,
  • Project Name,
  • Project URL,
  • One collection to add your project to and
  • A description

The fields look similar to this one:

Field Example

Done! You just got your project in front of over thousands of new potential users and customers. Don't forget to signup for the neat weekly newsletter once you are on the website!