# AlternativeTo.net

"Alternative Sites" are sites list alternatives to existing solutions with various aspects to compare on, and they often come up on comparative searches such as "Google Analytics or Matomo" or "What is better Google Analytics or Umami".

In this case, we are looking at AlternativeTo.net. It allows you to present your project next to other projects in the same industry. Today we will add our project on AlternativeTo:

Homepage of AlternativeTo.net

You find the sign up and login in the top right corner:

Login link

Let's look into the steps to launch your project.

# Submitting your Project

After you've completed the simple sign up, you can find the "Add new application" with your profile:

Add project on AlternativeTo.net

The adding consists of four main steps:

  • Name and main purpose
  • Grab data from external sources
  • Main data
  • Additional metadata

The following steps guide you through submitting your project.

# 1. Name and Main Purpose of your Project

The first step is to describe your project's purpose.

Form 1: Name and Purpose

# 2. Grab data from external sources

The second step allows you to fetch data from external stores: Mac and iOS AppStores. If your project isn't listed there, you can skip the step.

Form 2: Data Import

# 3. Main Data

The main data contains numerous fields, such as price, platforms, open-source, etc.

Form 3: Main Data

It makes sense to be rather generous with the tags as these will internally promote your project:

Form 3: Tags

The whole step shouldn't take more than 10 minutes.

# 4. Adding Alternatives

The final step is to suggest alternatives to your project. Here, again, be generous to gain as many internal references as possible:

Form 4: Adding Alternatives

With this step you completed the submissions. Now it's time to wait for the final approval. Usually within one or two days.

# After submitting: Adding More Alternatives

You can submit further alternatives as you find them using the link on the end of your page:

Adding More Alternatives

It makes sense to do this regularly as it increases your reach!

# Done

All done in no more than 10 - 15 minutes of your time and hopefully you'll get quite a few visitors from this.

If you are on the hunt for more places to submit your startup here are some suggestions: Owwly, SideProjectors and YourStack are similarly easy as AlternativeTo.