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Why a newsletter instead of a list?

A mailing-list has the big advantage of helping to make it more regular.
A list of hundreds of places gets quickly frustrating and won't be completed, believe me.

Can I see the previous emails somewhere?

All previous newsletters are added to the knowledge-base.
It allows for more structured research than the archive.
You can come back at any time to refresh your knowledge.
Any later updates will also added to the knowledge-base instead of coming via email.

The archive remains as a source of the original emails sent.

Why is this site so yellow? And why is there a chainsaw in the logo?

The Shopify logo generator said it has to be yellow and the chainsaw looked cool.
Also, I had a few glasses of Georgian wine. And was bored.

What do other people think about "Where To Post"?

"Peter has a very strange taste. Check the color of the links on the yellow background."

"I think he is too long in quarantine"

"Shit wrong window"

- A friend

That's it. There is only the footer below.